• Biography


    Work Hard & Live Hard

    Analyst & Developer, Entrepreneur and digital strategist, visionary and pragmatic.

    Software Engineer with passion for meticulous detail, intoxicated by the complex mechanisms of the network and that feeling of freedom
    and constant challenge they offer.

    Fascinated by the impact of social interaction design and true believer of clean design and logic adapted to changes in the flow of time. Pacific and in harmony with the world, lover of sports and open air painting and photography enthusiast.


  • Experiences


    Analyst & Developer
    for the creative industries

    Founder and CEO of Bemind Interactive.
    Mentor and leader of the development team responsible for interactive design, software conception, development, projects strategy and execution. In my 6 plus years in the digital space I've frequently fused art with digital marketing.

    Huge passion for details. A sense for clean and logical design adjusted to the variation of the nature of each brand. A true believer in comprehensive digital branding inspired by environment, not by a genre. This, I believe, is the only way to create exeptions among the mass and reach results that witness real benefits to brand values and everyday life.

    My previous roles include producing interactive and fine art projects and software design and development.